Have you ever come across a product label or billboard that, when translated to Arabic, just doesn’t seem right? Perhaps the letters are disjointed, or worse, the translation turns comical or offensive? Such instances aren’t rare. In fact, in my years of working with the Arabic language, I’ve seen (or been sent) ads and other product material such as one of the examples in this article image reading in Arabic what can be back-translated to “The prime minister Turkey the smoked the honey carbonization Kilogram” when the original was a shelf price label for “Prime Smoked Turkey, Honey Roasted, KG”. It’s amusing to some, confusing to many, but for the brand, it’s a misstep that could have been avoided.

In today’s global market, expanding your brand across borders brings immense opportunities. But with it comes challenges, especially when entering the diverse and rich Arabic-speaking landscape. It’s more than translating words; it’s about translating the essence, the feel, the promise of your brand.

So, why consider Arabic Brand Consulting?

1. Brand Translation Audit:

A comprehensive review ensures that your Arabic materials resonate correctly. Avoid embarrassing mistakes and ensure your brand’s Arabic persona aligns perfectly with its essence.

2. Localization and Transcreation:

Your brand’s message should culturally and emotionally connect with Arabic speakers. This isn’t mere translation; it’s a transcreation of your brand’s soul. Remember that Arabic is a Right-to-Left language.

3. Graphic Design Review:

Arabic typography, with its right-to-left script and unique design principles, deserves special attention. Our expertise guarantees that your graphics aren’t just appealing but also linguistically accurate and culturally apt.

4. Cultural Sensitivity Training:

Steer clear of unintentional cultural faux pas. We guide you through the nuances of Arabic culture, ensuring your brand is always on point.

5. Crisis Management:

Mishaps happen. If they do, we’re here to guide you through a sensitive, effective response strategy, ensuring your brand’s reputation remains intact.

6. Continuous Brand Support:

As cultures evolve, we ensure your brand remains relevant and respected, offering ongoing support and updates.

Branding mistakes in translation or cultural interpretation can be more than just a minor embarrassment. They can alienate a vast audience, dent your brand’s reputation, and result in lost revenue. But with the right expertise by your side, your brand can shine brilliantly, authentically, and mistake-free in the Arabic-speaking world.

Considering a move into the Arabic market or want to ensure your current presence is spot-on? Let’s chat. With years of experience of our chief linguist Wael Doukmak , including being the on-air simultaneous interpreter for CNN during the Iraq war and holding the industry standard ATA certification, Wael Doukmak and his extended team of skilled professionals offer a nuanced, expert perspective that can guide your brand to resonate authentically with Arabic audiences.

For more information, visit https://translate.arabic.com or call 214 673 2303