We Focus On Many Industries


Transcription Services

In an age where content is king, ensuring its accessibility and versatility is paramount. Our ATA certified transcription services are designed to meticulously convert spoken language into written text. With a unique expertise in Arabic and English, we guarantee the integrity, context, and accuracy of every transcribed word.

Audio Transcription

Whether it’s interviews, podcasts, or seminars, our Arabic to English and English to Arabic transcription services provide a meticulous written account of audio recordings. Every nuance, intonation, and cultural context is taken into account, making the content suitable for academic research, journalism, or corporate use.

Video Transcription

From documentaries to webinars, our video transcription services capture both spoken words and relevant non-verbal cues. With an understanding of both Arabic and English cultural subtleties, we ensure that even visual nuances find their way into the transcribed content.

Medical Transcription

Medical content requires precision and absolute accuracy. Our ATA certified professionals are trained to transcribe medical content, ensuring terminology is consistent and correct. From patient records to medical lectures, rely on us to handle sensitive information with care and expertise.

Legal Transcription

Legal proceedings, depositions, and interviews demand rigorous attention to detail. With our legal transcription services, rest assured that every statement, regardless of its complexity, is transcribed with utmost precision. Our understanding of legal terms in both Arabic and English sets us apart.

Time-coded Transcription

For those who require time stamps for post-production work, research, or other purposes, our time-coded transcription ensures that every word corresponds to its exact moment in the audio or video file, facilitating easier referencing.

Multilingual Transcription

Beyond Arabic and English, we have a network of professionals skilled in various languages. Should you require transcription in multiple languages or a blend of languages within a single content piece, we have the resources and expertise to deliver.